Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This year's calendar

So, some of you may remember that I make my MIL a calendar every year. This is 2010's calendar, of course, the pictures are from 2009, at the end of the year we move them to a scrapbook and put a title page for the actual year of the pictures. For instance 2009's calendar was 2008's pictures, so the title page will be 2008. So anyways, here's this year's calendar. I used mostly Designer's Calendar, which was so perfect for this project, but I did use some Lyrical Letters and DS until I had to send my laptop in for repair to the screen. I still haven't gotten it back and I miss it!

Thanks for looking!
Also, a quick update for those of you following along, yesterday was my 30 week weigh in, I was down 1.8 pounds for the week (woohoo, for over Christmas!) I am now down just shy of 58 pounds!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Win a free Gypsy!

What a great opportunity! Oh, how I would love to win, but I think it's great no matter who wins! Thanks so much The Gypsy Spot and Custom Crops!
Check it out here:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Journey...

So, yesterday I asked Randy to take a picture of me. I haven't seen one since his graduation in May, which was right before I started Weight Watchers. Here is the picture:
I have to admit, I was so disappointed when I saw it! I mean people have literally been gushing over how "great" I look now! Every single time I am out in public someone I know makes a comment. I honestly didn't see it in that picture. Because that was the way my mind always saw me when I was bigger. I was in total denial. It's true, the sweater is a bit bulky, I think I could have chosen a better shirt, my posture isn't great either. But I was truly sad when I saw the pictures! Seriously, I have lost 47 pounds and I just thought I would look better! Then I decided to go back to those pictures from Randy's graduation. Those pictures from before my decision to make myself healthier. Almost 6 months ago... Here they are:

Okay, now I can see it... The early pictures don't show all of the horror, of course, because they weren't full length. (Randy was wearing shorts!) And the new picture doesn't show all of the improvement because it isn't as close to my face. But now, I feel so proud! I do look so much better! I do still have nearly 20 pounds to go, so I'm nowhere near done, but I do have some renewed focus now. Especially since the holidays are here!
Just to put it into perspective, when I started I wore a XL top, but was on the verge of XXL (!!!!!), now I fit comfortably in a large. I wore a size 18 jeans, the ones in the top picture are size 14, but I truly think I could wear a 12 (I'll buy a pair in a couple of weeks, after I loose another 3 pounds). I weighed 223 pounds (I can't believe I'm actually going to post that!!!!!) Now I weigh just under 176, I am approaching the 50 lb lost mark!
On one hand I am so proud, on the other, I am so sad and disappointed that I actually had 70 pounds to lose.
Well, I know that was lengthy, and I appreciate any that took the time to read it all. And in case you didn't see it, I did post a card a bit earlier!
I will post a new picture in 20 pounds!

A Card! A Card!

Finally! Something crafty! WooHoo. Okay, it's a very very simple card, but still! I made this card for a good friend of mine who had a rough week last week. Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Well, we are! Our high school J-Hawks have advanced to the second round of playoffs! This is HUGE for our tiny town. We did make it to the first round last year, but lost out on the road. This year, we got to host (for the first time ever) the first round game and we won! So now, we go on the road (a five hour road trip) for the second round game, which is tomorrow. Of course, itis bitter sweet for us, since Randy was unable to play this year, but we decided to make the trip anyways. We can all use a break. So wish us luck!

I actually got in my scraproom the other day and made a card (a very simple, very plain card), I actually took a picture of it too! Hopefully next week I will get it up loaded and can post it.

I am still trucking along on my WW journey, I was down 1.2 on WI day, which was Tuesday.

As always, thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

checkin' in!

Okay, so the scraproom is usable, but it's not being used! LOL! Actually, I have been using it quite a bit, but not for scrapping, unfortunately! I recently took soccer league pictures. The weather here has been terrible, so we had to take them in the gym and they turned out not as good as I would like. So, I have been spending hours in that room editing pictures, trying to make them presentable! I hope to actual create something by the end of the week, since I have a baby shower on Saturday.

Today was weigh in day. I have been on plan for 20 weeks. Today I was down another 3 pounds! I was pretty excited about that since last week I only lost .2. I thought I was in for a major slowdown, which was tough to swallow after such great losses all summer. I know that any loss is a good loss, but, I am used to higher than .2! So, anyways, I have officially lost 40 pounds! WooHoo! I am so happy about that. I still have a long ways to go, but, I am well on my way, and over halfway there!

Randy had a doctors appointment on the first. He was finally cleared for light activity in PE, still no football, of course, no contact, no cutting or pivotting. But at least he can participate. He should be good to go by the time basketball starts! One thing he quickly realized after getting active again was how out of shape he became in just 2 months. He has a long road ahead to get back into the shape he was in when he got hurt. I'm looking forward to watching him play basketball.

Brandon has been playing flag football, and he really enjoys it, though I know he would prefer tackle since he has a hard time not tackling in the games! The weather has put a major damper on his games and practices, but Saturday is looking good for his game.

The weather here has been terrible. We have had record cold and snow. The poor sugar beet farmers are in such trouble as the beets are frozen in the ground. A very early winter. I wonder what we are in for for the rest of the winter.

Well, thanks for looking. I'm not even going to promise a crafty project soon, since I can't seem to deliver on that promise!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Started on the scraproom!!!

So, I have finally gotten started on the scraproom. It is going to be a long work in progress because there are a lot of items I want to buy for it, but I am going to at least get it set up in working order!

As always, Tuesday is weigh in day! Down another 3 pounds this week! woohoo! That makes 35 total so far in just 17 weeks! I am so proud of myself for sticking to this! I hope to loose at least an additional 20 pounds, then we'll see from there.

Randy is trucking along, getting better everyday back to the Dr. on the 1st.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting there!

Well, I managed to get the other house cleaned over the weekend and I am making my way through the half of the garage that they threw everything in from the basement. I foresee being done with that by the weekend. Thank goodness! Clinton has already been complaining about everything in the garage, so I just want to be done so that all that's left is his junk! LOL! Of course, I will still have my scraproom to get through, but that only affects me and I can do it at my own pace! PHEW!

We ate at McDonald's no less than 3 times in the past week. And we don't even have fast food here where I live, that tells you how much we have been running! Somehow, I still managed to loose 2 pounds! I am over half way to my goal. I may re-evaluate that goal as I get closer, but for now, I am very pleased with the progress I am making, even under all of this stress!

Nothing new to report on Randy since the last post...

Today is my baby's Birthday!!!! Brandon is 8 years old... Makes me a little sad actually.

Well, I keep saying this, but maybe next week I will have some pictures to post! HA!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, we managed to get moved over the weekend! there were just a few minor glitches, nothing disasterous but still inconvenient! First, Clinton broke both paynes of a double payne window! No idea what that's going to cost to fix! Then the fridge wouldn't fit into the space, so a friend of ours spent all of Monday plaining and sanding to make it fit, which set me behind the whole day of getting my kitchen done! I managed to get it all finished yesterday afternoon, so at least we are functioning fairly well right now. We are awaiting our new stove and then that will be a whole other project, but we will tackle it when the time comes. Now, I just need to get the old house all cleaned up and life will be good! That is my goal for tonight and tomorrow, and believe me, it is filthy! Bad! I hadn't hardly done a thing in the past month because of all of the boxes stacked everywhere and running with Randy and working on other house things and school and working, and, and and... I'm really looking forward to being done with that!

Even during all of the major stress of the last week and a huge and decadent steak, shrimp and crab dinner complete with mudpie for dessert, I managed to loss another 1.4 pounds last week!!! WooHoo!~

Randy had another Dr. appointment on Wednesday, he is now in a brace in his shoe and can walk without the crutches! What a huge relief that is! So he is definitely on the mend, though they don't expect him to be at 100% for up to 12 months!

So there is my update for the week, obviously no pictures yet, but hopefully next week! Thanks for looking and I do hope to get back to crafting sometime soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WooHoo!!! & WooHoo!!!

Finally! We signed papers on the house yesterday! It is officially ours! What a pain this process has been, just to put it in perspective, the papers changed no less than 3 times YESTERDAY alone! Crazy! But, it's finally done! That is one WooHoo!!!! By this time next week we will be moved in over there and will just have the cleaning left in this house!

The second WooHoo!!! is that in the midst of all this stress, I was still able to loose 3.4 pounds last week! That is insane to me, because even though I am still following the plan, and have been getting some exercise, I just don't feel like I am giving as much as I was, but maybe that's because I am just more used to the program that it's nearly effortless, I don't know. I do know that I was so stressed Thursday and Friday last week that I literally had to talk myself out of eating like I used to! I really think I can stick with this for the long haul because if I can make it through such a stessful time and not binge, then I should be fine!

Randy had a Dr. appointment on Friday. He did get the cast removed, which was nice (his foot was totally gross inside there, YUCK!!!), however, even though he is back in the boot, he still can't walk on it, so he is still on the crutches. That is the most down I have seen him about the whole situation, he's really not enjoying having to use the crutches in school. He goes back on the 9th and if all is well, he will hopefully be in some kind of brace in his shoe and life will be much better.

The boys have been back in school for a week, and all is well. Randy has had homework every night, but luckily not anything too overwhelming.

So, I will hopefully be back one day next week with some pictures of our new house! And then hopefully I will be able to scrap again fairly soon, and my blog will return to a crafting blog! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

appraisal news

So, I got a call today that the house appraisal exceeded the selling price, WooHoo! It still has to go through the underwriter, but all should be good to go now. And non to soon, either. We are set to close on the 31st which is less than one week away. We have ordered the new range, and the furniture and the flooring is set to begin on Monday also. I can't believe it is actually all falling together in our original time line, it seriously was looking like we would have to extend our dates! We hope to be all moved in on Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday is also my weigh in day for WW and I am happy to report that I am down another 1.6 lbs. It continues to amaze me that this works so well for me. In the past month I really haven't had a ton of extra energy for working out, I still walk several times a week and get up a couple of mornings for step, but I am not doing anywhere near the exercise I was the first 2 months and yet, the weight keeps on dropping off! All along I have been eating pretty much whatever I want just within reason and I do think that is a key to the success, I never feel like I can't have something! Yeah me!

Nothing new to report on Randy, he goes back to the doctor this Friday and we will see if the cast can come off and he can go back to the boot. That would be great because it would mean no more crutches!

School starts tomorrow. Brandon is so excited to get to second grade! Randy is looking forward to being with his friends!

Thanks for looking, I will be back for another update next week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

woo hoo!!!

So, even though I woke up this morning feeling heavy, the scale actually showed a 2.8lb loss!!!! I am so excited about that! That puts me right at 25 pounds lost in 12 weeks!

As usual, the house is at a stall. We are waiting for the appraisal. The owner doesn't want to move until the appraisal so we won't install the new flooring until he's all moved out. We ordered the stove on Saturday, it's a good thing we did, it's not scheduled to be here until the 3rd! We are supposed to close on the 31st, but have an extra week. All the work is supposed to be done by closing, but it's not looking very promising at this point. All of this is so frustrating to me and I will tell you, I am not in any hurry to buy another house any time soon!

Randy is still plugging along, he will be in his cast until the 28th at least, which means he will have to endure 4 days of school on the crutches. Football practice started yesterday and even though he can't play, he has been going and they will let him be a manager so at least he will still be part of the team.

So, there are the updates for this week! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, things are finally progressing on the house, very slowly, but still progressing. We are still hoping to close on the 31st, but that seems really daunting now. It's in the hands of the appraiser at this point and then we have some work to do.

I have been packing some things around the house because I do not want to be doing that at the last minute! I have packed the majority of my scrap stuff. I've left a few things in case I feel like I NEED to do something, but, I really don't foresee that happening. I really have no idea when I will get to unpack my new scraproom, but of course, it will be down the list a little ways.

I have decided to sign back up with Tupperware. I sold it a few years ago and did really really well. The new house will need some work and mostly I want new kitchen cabinets and countertops so I decided to get back into it to make some money for these projects. I'm pretty excited about it, I really do love tupperware! And since I get asked about it pretty often, I do think it is a smart choice! I haven't ordered my kit yet, I will probably do that next week.

Randy has an appointment with the orthopedist this afternoon, I'm sure they will remove this cast and put on a new one since the swelling has gone down. I am still holding out for miraculous healing, but I'm sure the news will be the same.

My Weigh in day is Tuesday, so I did weigh in yesterday. I was down another 1.8! It's a bit smaller loss than I have been having, but I am still really thrilled with it. I am often suprised at how easy this program is for me to follow and I really do hope I can stick with it for the long haul! With all the stress I've had lately, the fact that I haven't binged on bad food is a definite sign I am moving in the right direction!

Well, sorry there aren't any crafty posts, hopefully I will get back there in the next couple of months, for now, I will try to just keep updated as best I can! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A crazy ride!

So, I haven't scrapped even one time since my last post, it's been so crazy, I just can't get into it! I haven't even finished the baby boy book, and that baby boy is now over a month old and already into daycare! Part of the reason, I think, is that we are looking at buying a house. That house will have a room just for me and thinking about having a whole room has made it very difficult to work in my tiny space!
The whole house thing has been such a roller coaster ride, we have been trying to sign the buy/sell for nearly a month and still haven't gotten it. The weird thing is, it isn't even about selling the house, they want to sell, it's what to do with the money after the fact. So frustrating! I'm hoping that the last person will sign the buy/sell tomorrow. Keep us in your prayers for that!
Last Monday night, Randy hurt himself in open gym. At first we thought it was just a sprained ankle but we later found out there was a seperation in the growth plate. it didn't appear to be so bad at first, our doctor thought he would be out 4-5 weeks, but, yesterday I took him to the orthopedist (at our doctor's request) and though the diagnosis is the same, the treatment is not. He is now in a cast and will be for 4-6 weeks and he is looking at a 3 month recovery. Which takes him out of football completely this year, unless a miracle happens. I feel so terrible for him, he's worked all summer for football, and now it's gone. So far, he is dealing with it pretty well, but once football actually starts, I have a feeling we are in for a rough road! Again, please keep us, especially Randy, in your prayers for quick healing.
Last week was also 4-H fair week. A crazy time for a healthy kid, let alone a cripple (as we affectionately call him). He participated as much as he could, but certainly didn't get the most out of the week. Once again, he won the fishing trophy for his lovely pink and purple fishing pole. He also sold it in the silent auction for $350!!! That has helped the mood! One of his pigs did not make weight, we didn't even haul it up there, we do however, have a couple of people interested in buying, so he should recoup a small amount of his money. The other pig barely squeaked in, but earned a blue ribbon in it's weight class. Randy really wanted to participate in showmanship, it's his favorite part of 4-H, he hobbled out in the ring and actually did a fantastic job, even though he found his rhythm after the judge had chosen the finalists! That didn't make him very happy, but I am so proud of him for trying!
As for the weight loss, I am so happy to report that it is still going really well! Since my last post I have had 4 weigh ins'

I believe I am down right at 20 pounds in 9 weeks, hard to say exactly since I didn't have a scale until week 5! I have gone down one pants size though! So, I am on my way to a healthier me! I still have a long ways to go, but so far, it hasn't been too hard!
So, there's the update! There's just one month until school starts now. It will be filled with the normal school shopping, hopefully one more camping trip and a series of trips to the orthopedist! Hopefully a house will be ours within that time as well! What a crazy life!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another update

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend celebrating our nation's independence. God Bless America!

Well, happily, I am down 2.4 pounds from last week! I am so excited to have an accurate scale and to actually know what's happening!

On a crafty note, I have been working on a baby boy scrapbook and only have the title page to finish, I should get that posted within the next couple of days!

As you can see, I changed my blog design again! So fun to be able to do that in just a couple of minutes! We are just a few short weeks from 4-H fair! This is always a stressful couple of weeks! But, Randy always does so well at the fair that I can't help but look forward to it!

I will try to update in a couple of days with the baby boy scrapbook!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally! A crafty post!

So, even thought I have been a bad blogger, I have forced myself to get a few pages done. I really haven't been in the mood, so they aren't great, but at least I am getting a few things done. This one is my favorite of this batch. I used SCAL for all three of the different fonts. I cannot say enough about that program! LOVE IT!
This is for the family book!
I just noticed that I didn't edit down my pics. Sorry about that!
Wrestlemania! For the family book. Anytime all of the kids are together, you can bet on a good wrestling match, and Uncle Ray is usually in the middle of it!

For Brandon's book, the school Christmas program:

And just another fun single pager for the family book!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully, it won't take me a month to update again!

A few more, and an update.

Here are a few more, they are very plain, but as I always say, they are done, and that is really all that matters!
Carving pumpkins was a little different this year, Clinton decided to join in, only he used a power tool to get his done!
Brandon's book:
Randy's book:

Family book:

Okay, so here is an update on the weight watchers: I am still at it, I have been very faithful to the plan for 4+ weeks. I'm not finding it too difficult for the most part to stay within my daily points, camping this past weekend was a bit of a challenge, but I still did alright, though I was hungry a lot. When at home, I'm not really hungry too often, but I am in control of everything, we camp with my in-laws so I loose control of a lot of what we eat and also when. I have been working out everyday, I have only missed 2 days in the past 4 weeks! I do a lot of step, some circut and when the weather is just right and I have time, I walk in the evenings! I cannot report an accurate weight loss however, because I only have the wii fit balance board as a scale. I thought it would work in the beginning, however, I have come to realize that it is not at all consistent, as I can step off and step back on and the weight can be off several pounds one way or the other. I have ordered a scale, so starting next week, hopefully I will actually know where I stand!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Still nothing craft related unfortunately, BUT, I have officially been doing WW for 1 week. I weighed in this morning and I lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!! I can't believe it actually works!
Hopefully a craft project will show up on this blog within the next couple of days, however, it is VBS week which is a pretty crazy week around here!
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not craft related....

Okay, I haven't posted ANYTHING in a long time and now I'm going to post something not craft related! Shame on me, I know.
Things here have been crazy busy, Randy graduated from 8th grade last week and I now officially have a high schooler! I don't know whether to cheer or cry!
Baseball season is in full swing and I am exhausted from trying to keep the concession stand going, I really should have handed that to someone else this year! This will definitely be my last year of that! But, I will still enjoy watching Brandon play.
Daycare is way too busy and I am in the process of working that back a little bit.
School is out, but I have committed to spending at least 30 minutes a day helping Brandon with some math and reading, he really needs it, unfortunately.
We are coming in to the busiest time for 4-H, I can't say much more than that, it makes me tired just thinking about it!
And finally, yesterday I registered with weight watchers online. I really need to loose some weight and get healthier! So far, so good, I am keeping within my daily points and getting some extra activity points, which I am banking for the weekend, because we like to eat out! I could really use your prayers that I stick to this and take care of myself!
Well, that's about it I guess, hopefully next week I will have something crafty to post about!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Had so much to post, it took two!

Brandon and his cousins acting normal for them, which is GOOFY! Used SCAL. For Brandon's book: Thanksgiving. I almost never take pictures on Thanksgiving. We host dinner and I am usually too pooped, but this year was smaller and more relaxed. I designed the leaf border with DS and Stretch Your Imagination. I'm very happy with it! Family Book:
This picture (which is a terrible picture) has been on my Fridge for 2 1/2 years, I got a new fridge a couple of weeks ago, and decided it was time to scrap the picture. Used SCAL again. And a great punch I got from a great friend, for my Birthday, I didn't do a great job with it, but I love the punch (thanks again, Tammy!)>
Brandon's book:

More Christmas pages

Still working backwards for the most part.
Every year we get together with Clinton's family to make Christmas candy and cookies.
Brandon's book:
Randy's book:
Family book. I just love SCAL

Another for the family book.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's on my mind

So, last week I came across a great contest on the pagemaps blog. You had to follow the sketch provided and the theme was "what's on my mind". The prize was a great collection from MME, which some of you know is by far my most favoritest paper ever! I knew I wanted to do this contest and I got started on it, but didn't have the time to finish it that day. I had every intention of finishing it by the deadline, which was Monday 4/13. Well, as always, somethings happened including and unexpected day with my husband, which was a good thing, and my refrigerator taking a dump in the middle of the night Sunday, which wasn't so good, but both contributed to me NOT finishing the contest layout in time to submit it, but, I was still determined to finish it, and I did just that a few minutes ago!
The theme was something that was driving me. My oldest, Randy, is now 14 and just about one month from his 8th grade graduation, which is actually a fairly big deal. Around here we do NOT have graduations for every grade, this will be his first, no preschool, no kindergarten, no 6th grade. Just 8th grade and of course, high school. Anyways, for the past several months, both Clinton and I have struggled with the reality of our boy growing up. And he is growing up into a wonderful person. Even if I miss my little boy, I truly love this kid right how he is right now, and I can imagine the wonderful man he will become. Thus, my journaling.
Here is a link to the sketch:
This was a little out of the ordinary for me; I used a black & white picture, the colors are pretty muted (but I do love them and they ARE from MME!), I sewed on the page, which I'm just learning how to do and I know I didn't do a very good job at that!
I also used both CDS and SCAL, which makes me very happy that I am using them!

I would really love your comments on this one. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Christmas layouts

Usually, I just scrap whatever I feel like scrapping, in no particular order. I guess I still do that to some degree, but, last year I decided I really wanted to get pages into books, not just done and really, for me to do that, it helps if they are somewhat in order, so I have been trying to at least get a whole year done each year (in 2008 I did 2007 pictures and this year I am working on 2008 for the most part). For some reason, it is easier for me to work backwards. This is a bit strange and quirky, I will admit, but, I've always been a bit strange and quirky! LOL!! When I was in school I would take tests starting on the BOTTOM of the LAST page and work my way up and forward.
All that to explain why I did Christmas layouts! Another funny thing about me, unlike most people, I do not take a lot of pictures of gifts at Christmas and even stranger, until last year, I had never really scrapped my Christmas pictures.
So, here is Christmas 2008 for the family book:
For Randy's book (how do you like his outfit?):
I realize now that this is a terrible picture of this layout, sorry about that
Brandon's book:

Patterned papers are from a great MME stack I got at M's. You can't really see it, but they are glittery. Which I don't really like all that well, but I do love the patterns!
Titles were cut with SCAL, finally!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A girly 2 pager

A couple of days ago a good friend and I were talking about gallery's of scrapbook pages that we greatly admire, while looking through a couple of those galleries I was inspired! A lot of the pages that I loved had tons of flowers and swirls and well, I have boys! Even though a lot of the pages I saw had boys, I just can't do that to my boys, they wouldn't appreciate it at all! LOL! But, I do have one little neice that I tend to take quite a few pictures of, so once in awhile I can do a girly page with lots of flowers and swirls! So here is a 2 pager! It falls completely short of the layouts in the galleries I was admiring, but I mostly like how it turned out! I wish I would have stamped tone on tone on the green paper...

Even better, I used some great stuff from my stash, the patterned paper is all from K and Co. which I have had for a long time! I just HAD to have that box of paper, at least I've used some now! LOL... I've also had the flowers for quite awhile. I love to use flowers, but, I can only get away with so much, so I have a ton of flowers because I love buying them and don't get to use them... The punch is from Martha Stewart, flourishes from Cricut Accent Essentials, title Cricut Pooh Font, marker feature. And the cute little pearls were a birthday gift from a good friend! I would have never bought pearls, but I love them on this layout!

Click on picture for a larger view! Thaks for looking!

Time for a bloglift!

I really loved my bright background that I had on my blog, but I know it was almost too bright since it is a scrap blog and I post mostly pictures of projects. So, I decided to tone it down a bit! I still have my bright happy colors, but I think the white base really looks better!
I've been a bit under the weather, but I did work on a 2 page layout the other day. It's not quite done, but hopefully I will finish it today and get it posted!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fixed the Diaper Cake

Okay, I think I fixed it, I like it much better now.
So here it is before:
And after:
Tell me what you think....


I also decide to do a wordbook for the baby shower. His name is Carter (great name!). The spacing isn't quite right, but this is my first real project that I did with SCAL and inkscape. I also did not make it on the sturdiest of cardstock... I would definitely have done that differently, it's not nearly as sturdy as I would have liked, but I'm still going to give it to her, hopefully it holds up.

I just love this picture, what a cutie!

This image is the first real attempt I made with SCAL and inkscape. I really like how it turned out, except I didn't secure down the brown peice of paper for the hair very well and it moved, so no hair because I didn't want to recut it all. I also decided to just draw in the faces instead of cutting them. I got the image from a coloring book. What an amazing program SCAL is!

Diaper cake

Tonight I am helping with a shower for Clinton's cousin who had a baby boy in February. On Monday I decided I would do a diaper cake and so here it is! Obviously, I had to just use what I had on hand, so this is what I came up with. If I were to plan it, I would 1) make it bigger and 2) use lots of baby items instead of just paper, like toys, washclothes, spoons etc. But I do think she will like it!

I had intended to make a banner with his name for the top, but I'm just not feeling like it today so I decided to put the toy as a topper. The colors don't match all that well, but I'm just going to stick with it!