Friday, March 28, 2008

100 pages and some blog candy!

In honor of my finishing 100 pages for the year so far, I'm going to give aways some blog candy! I have actually finished 107, but I will post the other 7 next week because I really love this one! I only have boys, so, I don't get to do too many really girly pages. I had these pics of our neice Kadence, and I decided to do just a page for her! I loved getting to use the purple paper, it is one of my favorite colors, but I just don't get to use it much, so this was so much fun for me to do! I also just got all the fantastic buttons that I ordered from Oriental Trading Co. as well as the Fancy Pants stamps I bought from a member of the cricut mb, so I got to use a lot of my new toys!
So back to the blog candy! I'm not sure how long I'm going to run it for, at least until Monday, I'll update that on Monday. Here's how you win: post a comment ON THIS POST and tell me which one of my 100 layouts is your favorite, I will put all the names in a hat and let my 13yo (the definition of the word fair) pull out a name. I'm not sure what the candy will be, I'll find something this weekend and post it on Monday! Thanks so much for looking, now leave me a comment!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost to a milestone!

So, I have finished 99 scrapbook pages since January 1, 2008! One more, and I am 1/3 of the way to one of my goals! As for one of my other goals, which was finishing all of 2007, I am really close to that one! I have a few more pictures to print so that I can finish, but I do think I will be done with 2007 hopefully by the end of April! WooHoo!

Randy took these pictures last summer as part of his 4-H photography project. We don't have much to do in our tiny town, so a lot of our weekdays are spent in the sprinkler!

What might you notice about this particular page that would be significant? Yep, not one, but ALL of the pictures are on the wonk! One more thing that is different for me? I did crop them all just a little to make them fit nicely on the page without taking up so much space.

This is for Brandon's book, I think, I haven't really decided for sure yet!

Easter and more

These first 3 are from Easter time last year, we got together with family to dye eggs, it's always fun when all the kids are together!
This is the patterned paper that I broke my patterned paper shopping ban to buy! I can't resist MME. it is easily my favorite. I am back on my ban, but, I decided not to count these papers when I use them, since I cheated!
This is for the family book:
Brandon's book:
Randy's book, I messed up the scallop on this one, but it was too well stuck to change it!
This is Brandon's preschool graduation for the family book. I stamped the journaling, I haven't stamped in much since I got my cricut, which makes Randy really mad, so he was happy that I stamped on this one! It was terribly offcenter, so I had to add the flower!
This is when the firemen brought the firetruck to preschool last year. As I have said many times before, Brandon loves everything to do with firetrucks, even though he had been on this truck several times with his Dad, he was still really excited for them to come to preschool. This is for his book:

Friday, March 14, 2008

A couple of "Artsy" pages

Okay, not really artsy, but artsy for me! Especially this first one! I really love this picture of Randy, I took it while just playing with my camera! I'm going to have it printed in a 5x7 and do some sort of page for the family book. This is for Randy's book. I call it artsy because it only has one picture, it's obvious that I try to cram a lot of pictures on my layouts, especially of events, so this is definitely different for me! He helped me with the center of the flower, he wasn't too excited about having the flower on there at all, but, he picked out the orange button, and it was okay!
This layout is different for me because both of the pictures are "on the wonk" aka tilted! I cannot believe how much Brandon has changed since these pictures were taken last May.
This is for Brandon's book. These pages are pretty plain and I don't really like them, but, I can't spend more time on them, so they are done! From Vacation Bible School, for Brandon's book.
PreSchool Graduation, I worked really hard on the second page of this two pager! LOL! What else do you do with a certificate that is already pretty busy? I'm just loving my new Cuttin' Up! cartridge. The blue strips on the first page are there because I thought I wanted to put the kids name under the picture on the bottom, they were awfully crooked, so I covered them up! I don't think it looks too bad!
Alright, that's it for this week. I am not moving quite as fast as last month, but, I have finished 15 layouts so far for March and I am up to 92 so far this year, so, I am still on track to my goal of 300 for the year!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sports pages complete! (I think...)

I think I am about done with the sports pages from 2007, except basketball, which I forgot to print!
Obviously, this first one is of Brandon's team, and it is for his book! I also took the pictures for his team, which was fun!
This is Randy's team picture page, and for his book! I also took the pictures for his team! It will probably be the last year I take any team pictures, as they finally found a decent photographer.
And this page is also for Randy's book, it was of his end of season baseball party. I don't love this page, but, it is done! The chart on this one is of batting averages, innings pitched, etc.
Okay, that is it for today! I actually did these yesterday, and hopefully, I will get more done today.
I'm still doing great on my goals, though, I have been going a bit slower over the past week or so. I have finished 11 this month, and I think, something like 87 pages since the first of the year! I am closing in on finishing 2007, though as I said earlier, I still have a few events to print. It would be such an accomplishment if I could get 2007 done, and then work on some older stuff!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I let them stack up again!

Okay, I was doing so great getting the layouts posted everyday! I failed miserably over the past week! I got several pages done, so to make things easier, I have used 3 seperate posts to get them on here! I thought it would be easier, but, I'm a bit confused now! LOL, it doesn't take much!
This first page is of Brandon's first T-ball season, for his book, I will do a page of his team picture, it will face this page, hopefully I will get that done tomorrow.
Soccer for Brandons book:
Family book:

Baseball for the family book

Okay, I was wrong, I did do the family pages! I just did them last week, and I forgot, even though I just took the pictures! Call me brain dead!
The first two are from Randy, Clinton umped a lot of games for Randy's team, and that is what the first page is about, and that is Randy as catcher.
Brandon always likes to be apart of Randy's team, and the other boys are really great with him! So, when I took all the boys individual pictures, Brandon had to have one taken, too!
This is obviously from Brandon's first T-ball season, he's such a cutie, I just love the picture on the bottom left!

Randy's Baseball

These are from Randy's baseball season, it was his 8th year of baseball. He played pitcher, and got really pretty good at it. He developed several pitches, what they call "junk" pitches, and earned the name :Junk Man", which, even though it doesn't sound like it, is a huge compliment! I did 6 pages, pretty much the same, I'm going to try to find one of those panoramic page protectors, but, otherwise, I will just have 3 2 page layouts! These are for Randy's book:

This page is also for Randy's book, the facing page will be his team picture, but, I have to print him one! I took them and I didn't even print one for him yet.
I haven't finished the ones for the family book yet.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Black Tuesday"

I do have many more pages to post, but, in honor of the GREAT Brett Favre, I am taking a day of silence...
Farewell, number 4, what an amazing ride!

Okay, he's just retiring, but it is still very sad!