Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Journey...

So, yesterday I asked Randy to take a picture of me. I haven't seen one since his graduation in May, which was right before I started Weight Watchers. Here is the picture:
I have to admit, I was so disappointed when I saw it! I mean people have literally been gushing over how "great" I look now! Every single time I am out in public someone I know makes a comment. I honestly didn't see it in that picture. Because that was the way my mind always saw me when I was bigger. I was in total denial. It's true, the sweater is a bit bulky, I think I could have chosen a better shirt, my posture isn't great either. But I was truly sad when I saw the pictures! Seriously, I have lost 47 pounds and I just thought I would look better! Then I decided to go back to those pictures from Randy's graduation. Those pictures from before my decision to make myself healthier. Almost 6 months ago... Here they are:

Okay, now I can see it... The early pictures don't show all of the horror, of course, because they weren't full length. (Randy was wearing shorts!) And the new picture doesn't show all of the improvement because it isn't as close to my face. But now, I feel so proud! I do look so much better! I do still have nearly 20 pounds to go, so I'm nowhere near done, but I do have some renewed focus now. Especially since the holidays are here!
Just to put it into perspective, when I started I wore a XL top, but was on the verge of XXL (!!!!!), now I fit comfortably in a large. I wore a size 18 jeans, the ones in the top picture are size 14, but I truly think I could wear a 12 (I'll buy a pair in a couple of weeks, after I loose another 3 pounds). I weighed 223 pounds (I can't believe I'm actually going to post that!!!!!) Now I weigh just under 176, I am approaching the 50 lb lost mark!
On one hand I am so proud, on the other, I am so sad and disappointed that I actually had 70 pounds to lose.
Well, I know that was lengthy, and I appreciate any that took the time to read it all. And in case you didn't see it, I did post a card a bit earlier!
I will post a new picture in 20 pounds!


Tammy said...

Oh my goodness. You look wonderful! I can definitely see that you've lost a bunch of weight! And you probably aren't going to believe this (since we rarely see these things in ourselves), but you really are beautiful!!! I am so proud!!!

And I love your card. Of course I love the phrase you used on the front. It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, You are beautiful inside and out, and I am so happy and proud for you! great job!