Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, things are finally progressing on the house, very slowly, but still progressing. We are still hoping to close on the 31st, but that seems really daunting now. It's in the hands of the appraiser at this point and then we have some work to do.

I have been packing some things around the house because I do not want to be doing that at the last minute! I have packed the majority of my scrap stuff. I've left a few things in case I feel like I NEED to do something, but, I really don't foresee that happening. I really have no idea when I will get to unpack my new scraproom, but of course, it will be down the list a little ways.

I have decided to sign back up with Tupperware. I sold it a few years ago and did really really well. The new house will need some work and mostly I want new kitchen cabinets and countertops so I decided to get back into it to make some money for these projects. I'm pretty excited about it, I really do love tupperware! And since I get asked about it pretty often, I do think it is a smart choice! I haven't ordered my kit yet, I will probably do that next week.

Randy has an appointment with the orthopedist this afternoon, I'm sure they will remove this cast and put on a new one since the swelling has gone down. I am still holding out for miraculous healing, but I'm sure the news will be the same.

My Weigh in day is Tuesday, so I did weigh in yesterday. I was down another 1.8! It's a bit smaller loss than I have been having, but I am still really thrilled with it. I am often suprised at how easy this program is for me to follow and I really do hope I can stick with it for the long haul! With all the stress I've had lately, the fact that I haven't binged on bad food is a definite sign I am moving in the right direction!

Well, sorry there aren't any crafty posts, hopefully I will get back there in the next couple of months, for now, I will try to just keep updated as best I can! Thanks for stopping by!

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