Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Christmas layouts

Usually, I just scrap whatever I feel like scrapping, in no particular order. I guess I still do that to some degree, but, last year I decided I really wanted to get pages into books, not just done and really, for me to do that, it helps if they are somewhat in order, so I have been trying to at least get a whole year done each year (in 2008 I did 2007 pictures and this year I am working on 2008 for the most part). For some reason, it is easier for me to work backwards. This is a bit strange and quirky, I will admit, but, I've always been a bit strange and quirky! LOL!! When I was in school I would take tests starting on the BOTTOM of the LAST page and work my way up and forward.
All that to explain why I did Christmas layouts! Another funny thing about me, unlike most people, I do not take a lot of pictures of gifts at Christmas and even stranger, until last year, I had never really scrapped my Christmas pictures.
So, here is Christmas 2008 for the family book:
For Randy's book (how do you like his outfit?):
I realize now that this is a terrible picture of this layout, sorry about that
Brandon's book:

Patterned papers are from a great MME stack I got at M's. You can't really see it, but they are glittery. Which I don't really like all that well, but I do love the patterns!
Titles were cut with SCAL, finally!
Thanks for looking!

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