Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great book!

A good friend of mine, Tammy, recommended this book to me last week. I was led to it while at the Bible Book Store on Sunday and I finished it today. What a great book. I would like to recommend it to you all.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time for an update!

I guess it's finally time for an update! It's been awhile!
April was not an overly productive month for me, I finished only 17 pages and 11 of them were for the baby gift. Oh well, I guess that's the way creativity flows, right?
So, my younges brother-in-law got married last summer, Brandon was a junior groomsman. I just love this picture that I was able to get of him. I haven't decided for sure, but, I'm thinking this is for the family book!
I'm loving those Fancy Pants stamps!
You might remember my "thirteen" layout I did a couple of months ago. This is the same picture, only 5x7. I love this picture, too, especially since it was just a random picture taken on a regular day! This is for the family book. He's still not overly fond of the flowers!
This is from by BIL's wedding also. It was kind of a funny day. The rental shop didn't include little Cash's pants (he's the cutie in the pic second from left). Now, the wedding was 45 miles from the rental shop, but my oldest BIL happened to be staying in Billings where the shop was, so, we called him up. Anyways, Clinton started joking that he was going to say that he didn't have his pants either, he joked about it for about 15 minutes, then he said they really DID forget his pants! Of course, we all thought he was still joking, but no, they really DID forget his pants! Now, remember he is 6'8", we prayed they just didn't pack them, and they didn't! Older BIL, Nick, got yet another call! In the end, the rental shop messed up 3 different things, as they also didn't match one of the vests! I never found out, but, I hope my MIL got some of her money back! This is also for the family book!
I might add that every single picture is on the "wonk"!

And finally. the last of the sports pictures from 2007! Basketball for Randy's book! Pretty simple, but, again, done! I love the epoxy embellishments, thanks, Tammy!
Okay, I'm hoping that May is more productive than April was, but, my hopes aren't too high about it since we are so busy with Brandon playing T-Ball.

Thanks for looking! It feels so great to have some pages posted again!