Tuesday, August 25, 2009

appraisal news

So, I got a call today that the house appraisal exceeded the selling price, WooHoo! It still has to go through the underwriter, but all should be good to go now. And non to soon, either. We are set to close on the 31st which is less than one week away. We have ordered the new range, and the furniture and the flooring is set to begin on Monday also. I can't believe it is actually all falling together in our original time line, it seriously was looking like we would have to extend our dates! We hope to be all moved in on Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday is also my weigh in day for WW and I am happy to report that I am down another 1.6 lbs. It continues to amaze me that this works so well for me. In the past month I really haven't had a ton of extra energy for working out, I still walk several times a week and get up a couple of mornings for step, but I am not doing anywhere near the exercise I was the first 2 months and yet, the weight keeps on dropping off! All along I have been eating pretty much whatever I want just within reason and I do think that is a key to the success, I never feel like I can't have something! Yeah me!

Nothing new to report on Randy, he goes back to the doctor this Friday and we will see if the cast can come off and he can go back to the boot. That would be great because it would mean no more crutches!

School starts tomorrow. Brandon is so excited to get to second grade! Randy is looking forward to being with his friends!

Thanks for looking, I will be back for another update next week!

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