Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally! A crafty post!

So, even thought I have been a bad blogger, I have forced myself to get a few pages done. I really haven't been in the mood, so they aren't great, but at least I am getting a few things done. This one is my favorite of this batch. I used SCAL for all three of the different fonts. I cannot say enough about that program! LOVE IT!
This is for the family book!
I just noticed that I didn't edit down my pics. Sorry about that!
Wrestlemania! For the family book. Anytime all of the kids are together, you can bet on a good wrestling match, and Uncle Ray is usually in the middle of it!

For Brandon's book, the school Christmas program:

And just another fun single pager for the family book!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully, it won't take me a month to update again!

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Jen Young said...

I can definately understand! It's hard when it's nice out to keep up on things! I have been trying to force myself to get things done too! Once I got started though- it seems to come to me. I even just post something on my blog saying that I have been falling behind- but what my ambitions are. Then it keeps my followers informed at least! Great work!