Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This year's calendar

So, some of you may remember that I make my MIL a calendar every year. This is 2010's calendar, of course, the pictures are from 2009, at the end of the year we move them to a scrapbook and put a title page for the actual year of the pictures. For instance 2009's calendar was 2008's pictures, so the title page will be 2008. So anyways, here's this year's calendar. I used mostly Designer's Calendar, which was so perfect for this project, but I did use some Lyrical Letters and DS until I had to send my laptop in for repair to the screen. I still haven't gotten it back and I miss it!

Thanks for looking!
Also, a quick update for those of you following along, yesterday was my 30 week weigh in, I was down 1.8 pounds for the week (woohoo, for over Christmas!) I am now down just shy of 58 pounds!