Tuesday, October 13, 2009

checkin' in!

Okay, so the scraproom is usable, but it's not being used! LOL! Actually, I have been using it quite a bit, but not for scrapping, unfortunately! I recently took soccer league pictures. The weather here has been terrible, so we had to take them in the gym and they turned out not as good as I would like. So, I have been spending hours in that room editing pictures, trying to make them presentable! I hope to actual create something by the end of the week, since I have a baby shower on Saturday.

Today was weigh in day. I have been on plan for 20 weeks. Today I was down another 3 pounds! I was pretty excited about that since last week I only lost .2. I thought I was in for a major slowdown, which was tough to swallow after such great losses all summer. I know that any loss is a good loss, but, I am used to higher than .2! So, anyways, I have officially lost 40 pounds! WooHoo! I am so happy about that. I still have a long ways to go, but, I am well on my way, and over halfway there!

Randy had a doctors appointment on the first. He was finally cleared for light activity in PE, still no football, of course, no contact, no cutting or pivotting. But at least he can participate. He should be good to go by the time basketball starts! One thing he quickly realized after getting active again was how out of shape he became in just 2 months. He has a long road ahead to get back into the shape he was in when he got hurt. I'm looking forward to watching him play basketball.

Brandon has been playing flag football, and he really enjoys it, though I know he would prefer tackle since he has a hard time not tackling in the games! The weather has put a major damper on his games and practices, but Saturday is looking good for his game.

The weather here has been terrible. We have had record cold and snow. The poor sugar beet farmers are in such trouble as the beets are frozen in the ground. A very early winter. I wonder what we are in for for the rest of the winter.

Well, thanks for looking. I'm not even going to promise a crafty project soon, since I can't seem to deliver on that promise!