Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

So, I did these layouts yesterday, I have had a heck of a time getting this blog updated these past few days, something to do with blogger...
So, I did RAndy's football pictures. I was waiting on the new Cricut cartridges, hoping for a sports cartridge, well I don't really care for the new sports cartridges, and there wasn't any football anyways, so, I just used patterned paper.
Family book:
This is really a four page layout, I'm hoping to find some panoramic page protectors for them.

And finally, the team picture. All fo these are for Randy's book.
So, nothing major, but, still 6 more pages done! I think I'm up to 68 for the year, but, I can't remember for sure right now! It's been one of those days!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Have a great weekend!

I got a few more pages done of the past couple of days!
This first one is kind of out of my comfort zone, I thought I really loved it, but now that I look at it on the screen, I'm not totally sure, so if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment on it.
So, I love all the arrows on the AE cart, and the circles from George, I am really into circles lately.
The story behind this is, we had the sprinkler running and Clinton sent Brandon out to turn it off, he was gone for a while and when I went to check it out, this is what I found! It was a huge mess, but, look at that smile! I couldn't be mad, I just took some pictures!
Again, give me your feedback! This is for the family book
This was done yesterday, it was like the easiest layout ever, I just pulled the patterned paper from the stack, trimmed it slightly and mounted it on a blue cardstock. I then decided to add the USA to tie in the blue. Simple, easy, done! This is for Brandon.
Obviously this is Brandon's layout to match the two I did a few days ago!
So please leave me a comment, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total eclipse of the Heart

Okay, I know that is cheesy, but, it is how I feel! So, last night there was a total lunar eclipse. We were very fortunate because it started at about 7pm here, so after dinner, the boys and I went out and sat in the yard, we had a perfect view of the moon from there! It was a perfectly clear night and a balmy 32 degrees! It was great to watch that with my boys. We watched just until it was fully covered, about 45 minutes. It took me until the middle of the night to actually warm back up, LOL!
So this morning, Brandon came in to my room and said "thanks for watching the moon with me last night, mom!" and gave me a very nice hug! What a sweetie!
I didn't take any pictures, I figured Clinton would think I was crazy if I drug out the tripod and sat out there taking pictures. I should have, he already thought we were all crazy for staying out that long!
It was a great memory, and even though I didn't take any pictures, I would really like to figure out a way to scrap it, so I can remember it forever.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On The wonk!

Okay, before I really start, has anyone seen the current issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine? I'm asking because if you have, did you notice that almost all of the layouts are very linear? Clean, straight lines. Exactly my style! And here I am trying to push myself to tilt a picture, come to find out I was ahead of my time! HEE HEE.
So, just in time for that linear issue of CK, I actually tilted not one but TWO pictures on this first layout! In the summer, we really enjoy going to Clinton's Grandma's house. She has a big in ground pool in her back yard, and we spend lots of weekends hanging out at the pool! Brandon really loves to swim, as a matter of fact, every time we got to town he says we need to go visit Grandma Ash and swim in her pool! Uh, yeah, B, it's winter!!!!!
Family layout:
Randy's layout:
Haven't done Brandon's yet, so I will post it tomorrow! I used the MME paper again, can you tell I really love it?!
Randy is really envolved in 4-H, he takes a pig and many indoor projects, leatherwork, shooting sports, sport fishing, he has done cooking, arts & crafts, photography. He has always had his eye on the sport fishing trophy, some years he has really tried to get it, other years, not so much. But this past year, he finally accomplished his goal! He spent a lot of time with his Grandpa Dewey, learning how to make a fishing pole from a kit! It turned out really great, and he got the Rosette AND the trophy!
Showmanship and Sale day are highlights of 4-H fair if you have an animal, I just combined them onto one page. Both the 4-H layouts are for Randy's booK:
Okay, so that is it for today, I'm up to 57 pages for the year, 60 here I come! thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fifty is Nifty!

I finished 2 more pages today! I have now accomplished 51 pages since January 1st! And 22 pages in February! I have also used 30 pages of patterned paper! I really want to use up 100 sheets before the new releases come out this spring, because there are some fantastic new lines coming!

So, this is when Brandon lost his first tooth this past August. He has since lost 6, and on of his top teeth is being stubborn about coming in. I've only done this page for Brandon's book, because I want to put all his teeth on my page (he made little envelopes for them) and I haven't been motivated to make all of the shadow boxes for them yet! I used eyelets again and laced some ribbon through them! I have never done that before. I wish I would have used a colored base page now, but...

This page is for Randy's book. He and Clinton thought they were so funny trying to convince me Randy really wanted a mohawk! It's a good thing he didn't really want one, as it was a bit off center! I used Mini Monograms for the title on this one, and it really gave me some troubles on some of the letters. I really wanted curly q "n" 's, but they just kept tearing. I usually don't have much troubles with my cricut. It was kind of frustrating. But, the page turned out "okay"...
Well, hopefully I will get a few more done this week. I would really like to hit sixty by the end of February. Only 9 to go! Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A productive Monday

It was a rare productive Monday! Usually, I get nothing done on Mondays because I am so busy with the daycare, but since it was a no school day, I didn't have as many, and I got something accomplished. First, these are from the first day of school this past August. All of the circles are actually off-cuts from another project, that's exciting to me, I love using up my extras! I also added some fun 3-D objects which I got from my SS last year (thanks, Marsha!)
Family layout:
Brandon's: (notice how I put the frame "on the wonk" - tilted, hey one step at a time!)
These are from Brandon's 6th Birthday last September. I love the patterned paper, it's from a great My Minds Eye (MME) stack I got at costco last fall! I love it so much, I bought 2 stacks! And the best part about it is, I pulled that paper out of my scrap box! I also used eyelets, which I haven't used in forever! It took me a few tries to remember how to use the crop-a-dile, I wasted 2, but, I finally got it. I also used my cuttlebug on this first one, I don't pull that out enough either!
Brandon's layout:
Sticking with my goals, I've finished 49 pages so far this year! Maybe, just maybe, I will blow that 300 pages out of the water!
Hope to be back tomorrow with some more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, One day early!

So, I have accomplished 6 more pages this week! So, I have done 12 pages so far this month and it is the 13th! I am really happy to be staying on my goal! So, these are layouts of Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World, which we visited while we were in Denver this past October. We all really enjoyed it, there were all sorts of neat mounts and things to see, some great shopping and also at the back of the store was a shooting gallery, all my boys really had a good time trying their luck! We spent quite a bit of time in the store! So, this is for Randy's book:
Brandon's book:
Family Book:
I feel like I'm in a rutt a little bit, although I have done some computer generated journeling where I generally hand write my journaling, I always use quite a few pictures on my pages and the trend now really leans toward just one picture! Man it would take me forever and I would have a bazillion pages if I did that! I am also very linear in my scrapping, I rarely tilt a picture or turn it "on the wonk" as one of my cricut mb sisters would say. I really need to work on that. I also have a very simplistic style, I don't use a lot of embellishments, usually just a title. But, I really like my pictures to be the focus. Maybe I'll try for an artsy layout next week, just to prove to myself that I can! On the other hand, I never used to use patterned paper, and now I almost always use it, so I am improving!
Here is the little gift box and card that I made today for Brandon's Kindergarten teacher! I don't think I have ever sent the teacher a Valentine! Shame on me! But I do like how this turned out, I used my BIA to punch the holes, and really struggled to get it laced, but I finally got it! I really like the little card, I used the scrap patterned paper from the box and then just cut the cute little frog from my Paper Dolls cartridge! This is all I have done for Valentine's, we took the easy way out and bought Valentine's Fun Dip from Wal-Mart for Brandon's class! I feel a little guilty about that! Clinton was very proud of himself though, because he picked it out, so it's all good! They just get thrown away, anyways, right?

Okay, so that is it for today! I'm really proud of myself for keeping with my goals:

1. Starting the blog and keeping it updated!

2. Staying on track towards my 300 pages for the year, 41 complete so far!

3. Also staying on track to finish 2007 in 2008, all my pages so far have been from 2007, except fo the Packers game, I have completed Oct. - Dec!

4. My newest goal of posting as I finish projects instead of letting them pile up!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A sad loss

I just want to make a quick acknowledgement to my dear friend, Lynette, who just lost her Mom on Wednesday to a massive stroke. I pray the family feels the loving hand of God. Rest in Peace, Betty Lou.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Four More!

Well, I finished 4 more pages today! I actually started them last week, but was just able to finish them today. It's sort of a 4 page layout of our visit to the Denver Firefighter's Museum. If you are ever in Denver, you should check it out, especially if you have kids, it is actually geared towards the kids. This layout is for our family book, as I posted the kids pages last week!

Okay, I actually took the pictures and got them posted to the blog right away! What an accomplishment!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Posted at last!

Okay, here they are, all of the layouts I have done in the past week! They aren't exactly in the order I wanted them to be in, but, I am still learning! Thanks to Tammy for some hints! I have completed 29 pages for the month of January. It would have been cool to get 31, one for each day, but I just didn't quite get there!
These first two pages were from Halloween. It was a strange Halloween for us in 2007, the holiday was on Wednesday, we traveled to Denver (an 8 hour drive) on Saturday to spend the weekend, and watch the Packers play Denver on MNF! Great game, by the way! So we were gone the entire weekend before, and didn't get home until the day before Halloween. Sometime the week before, Randy attempted to "carve" one of those plastic craft store pumpkins, it was pretty tough. I didn't take one picture! Everyone was pretty tired on Halloween, Randy went with his friends for a few hours and we took Brandon trick or treating for awhile, he got plenty of candy! Again, I didn't take one picture, these were actually taken a few days later, and for some reason, he couldn't keep his eyes open!
Family page:

Brandon's page: While we were in Denver, we visited the Denver Firefighter's Museum. Brandon LOVES everything to do with firefighters/ firetrucks. This museum is geared towards kids, very interactive. I highly recommend it! These are the last 2 pages I have done, I have started the family pages yet.
Randy's page:

Brandon's page:
These next few pages were from making candy, this is a yearly tradition we do with most Clinton's family at his mom's house. This year, we also decorated cookies and a gingerbread house. Both were a ton of fun, the 3 younger kids really got into it, they were on the counter and the table!

Family book:

Randy's book. He wasn't so into this, but he was a good sport! Bad glare on this pic, sorry about that!
Brandon's page: Yep, it's different, can you believe it? I ran out of patterned paper I used for the others, and didn't want to cut another piece, so I made it different!
This was Randy's first year to hunt! He was so excited, but I'm not sure who had the most fun, him or Clinton!

Family page:
Randy's pages:
So, that is it! Maybe it wouldn't seem so overwhelming if I would post them as I finish them!