Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's on my mind

So, last week I came across a great contest on the pagemaps blog. You had to follow the sketch provided and the theme was "what's on my mind". The prize was a great collection from MME, which some of you know is by far my most favoritest paper ever! I knew I wanted to do this contest and I got started on it, but didn't have the time to finish it that day. I had every intention of finishing it by the deadline, which was Monday 4/13. Well, as always, somethings happened including and unexpected day with my husband, which was a good thing, and my refrigerator taking a dump in the middle of the night Sunday, which wasn't so good, but both contributed to me NOT finishing the contest layout in time to submit it, but, I was still determined to finish it, and I did just that a few minutes ago!
The theme was something that was driving me. My oldest, Randy, is now 14 and just about one month from his 8th grade graduation, which is actually a fairly big deal. Around here we do NOT have graduations for every grade, this will be his first, no preschool, no kindergarten, no 6th grade. Just 8th grade and of course, high school. Anyways, for the past several months, both Clinton and I have struggled with the reality of our boy growing up. And he is growing up into a wonderful person. Even if I miss my little boy, I truly love this kid right how he is right now, and I can imagine the wonderful man he will become. Thus, my journaling.
Here is a link to the sketch:
This was a little out of the ordinary for me; I used a black & white picture, the colors are pretty muted (but I do love them and they ARE from MME!), I sewed on the page, which I'm just learning how to do and I know I didn't do a very good job at that!
I also used both CDS and SCAL, which makes me very happy that I am using them!

I would really love your comments on this one. Thanks for looking!


bobbi said...

I love this. I saw it on the cricut mb and liked it so much that I decided to come here. I think what I like best is that it has such a calming combination of colors that it really let me focus on the picture....then I was looking and kept finding more of your it.

Enfys said...

I really love this, you have a great clean style of scrapbooking that I admire greatly but never quite manage to achieve myself!

hollygtn said...

I adore this!