Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, we managed to get moved over the weekend! there were just a few minor glitches, nothing disasterous but still inconvenient! First, Clinton broke both paynes of a double payne window! No idea what that's going to cost to fix! Then the fridge wouldn't fit into the space, so a friend of ours spent all of Monday plaining and sanding to make it fit, which set me behind the whole day of getting my kitchen done! I managed to get it all finished yesterday afternoon, so at least we are functioning fairly well right now. We are awaiting our new stove and then that will be a whole other project, but we will tackle it when the time comes. Now, I just need to get the old house all cleaned up and life will be good! That is my goal for tonight and tomorrow, and believe me, it is filthy! Bad! I hadn't hardly done a thing in the past month because of all of the boxes stacked everywhere and running with Randy and working on other house things and school and working, and, and and... I'm really looking forward to being done with that!

Even during all of the major stress of the last week and a huge and decadent steak, shrimp and crab dinner complete with mudpie for dessert, I managed to loss another 1.4 pounds last week!!! WooHoo!~

Randy had another Dr. appointment on Wednesday, he is now in a brace in his shoe and can walk without the crutches! What a huge relief that is! So he is definitely on the mend, though they don't expect him to be at 100% for up to 12 months!

So there is my update for the week, obviously no pictures yet, but hopefully next week! Thanks for looking and I do hope to get back to crafting sometime soon!

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