Friday, October 21, 2011

P365 but still way behind!!!

I was a little shocked earlier this week when I discovered that I was nearly 8 weeks behind on my P365 layouts! Not only that, I hadn't even organized my pictures for the project in a month! So, I got to work and got the organizing done and I did manage to get 2 layouts done, too! Just 6 more to go! lol! I'm hoping to get caught up next week, or the week after for sure! This is why I tried so hard not to fall behind all year, I knew it would be very tough to catch up! Not to mention, it's hard to remember that far back! I also have gotten very bad at even taking a picture every single day! Some days I don't take any, and other days (football days to be exact) I can take up to 400! Geesh! I also am usually good about taking pictures to fill in the gaps, but I haven't even been doing that!
But, that is what is so great about doing this project digitally, whether I have 7 pictures or just one, it still all fits perfectly on one layout! No more gaps! Sweet!
Anyways, here are the two pages I got done today!
Do you think flowers & flourishes are at home on the same page as football pictures? Ah well!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

soccer memory mate

Prototype, what do you think? Comments needed!