Tuesday, August 18, 2009

woo hoo!!!

So, even though I woke up this morning feeling heavy, the scale actually showed a 2.8lb loss!!!! I am so excited about that! That puts me right at 25 pounds lost in 12 weeks!

As usual, the house is at a stall. We are waiting for the appraisal. The owner doesn't want to move until the appraisal so we won't install the new flooring until he's all moved out. We ordered the stove on Saturday, it's a good thing we did, it's not scheduled to be here until the 3rd! We are supposed to close on the 31st, but have an extra week. All the work is supposed to be done by closing, but it's not looking very promising at this point. All of this is so frustrating to me and I will tell you, I am not in any hurry to buy another house any time soon!

Randy is still plugging along, he will be in his cast until the 28th at least, which means he will have to endure 4 days of school on the crutches. Football practice started yesterday and even though he can't play, he has been going and they will let him be a manager so at least he will still be part of the team.

So, there are the updates for this week! Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn! You have alot going on! Congrats on the new house! 25lbs.!!! You go girl, great job!
Poor Randy, hope it will come off and he will be able to play football.

hugs, Marsha