Friday, February 27, 2009

Working, but not posting

So, I have been working. At least some, I've gotten nowhere near as much done as I did last February, but, I am up to 20 pages finished so far this year. I have not been great about posting obviously, but, here they are.
This is the first day of school (bet you couldn't have guessed that) for Brandon's book. I really like this stack of patterned paper, too. It is the grade school stack by DCWV. I have really tried to cut back on the paper I buy, especially stacks, but this one works for me so well!
For the family book
Randy's book. These papers are from the High School Stack by DCWV. They are pretty fun, too. By the way, do you see how well all his "buds" (that's what Clinton calls them) pose for the camera? Yep, they are used to me being there with the camera!

So, now, I am caught back up with posting my projects, I hope I can stick to scrapping my projects! Thanks for looking!

A few more

Here are a few more.
This is an impromptu photo shoot of my boys and our nephews. We took them all fishing one day last summer, and the fishing was terrible, you could see all of the fish in the pond, but they just would not bite! There was a huge rock right behind where we were fishing and the little boys just couldn't stay off of it, so it led to this photo shoot. We didn't get many pictures of them all smiling and looking at the camera, but the pictures are still fun! I haven't scrapped the 2 that turned out the best yet. I also have a ton more and I think I will just get some of those sheet protectors that have slots for 4x6 pictures to put them in instead of scrapping all of them!
This was homecoming for Brandon's book, I didn't get fancy at all. Obviously.
Homecoming for Randy's book, still not very fancy, but at least I cut the title out!

This was Brandon's birthday. It is actually one that I think looks better in the picture than it does in real life. I love the papers. I have had this pack since before Christmas, it is from We R Memory Keepers called silver lining and I really like them! It also came with some stickers, which I rarely use, but I did use them on this.

Super simple, too simple, I know, but, I'm sticking with it. Also for Brandon's book.