Friday, February 1, 2008

Posted at last!

Okay, here they are, all of the layouts I have done in the past week! They aren't exactly in the order I wanted them to be in, but, I am still learning! Thanks to Tammy for some hints! I have completed 29 pages for the month of January. It would have been cool to get 31, one for each day, but I just didn't quite get there!
These first two pages were from Halloween. It was a strange Halloween for us in 2007, the holiday was on Wednesday, we traveled to Denver (an 8 hour drive) on Saturday to spend the weekend, and watch the Packers play Denver on MNF! Great game, by the way! So we were gone the entire weekend before, and didn't get home until the day before Halloween. Sometime the week before, Randy attempted to "carve" one of those plastic craft store pumpkins, it was pretty tough. I didn't take one picture! Everyone was pretty tired on Halloween, Randy went with his friends for a few hours and we took Brandon trick or treating for awhile, he got plenty of candy! Again, I didn't take one picture, these were actually taken a few days later, and for some reason, he couldn't keep his eyes open!
Family page:

Brandon's page: While we were in Denver, we visited the Denver Firefighter's Museum. Brandon LOVES everything to do with firefighters/ firetrucks. This museum is geared towards kids, very interactive. I highly recommend it! These are the last 2 pages I have done, I have started the family pages yet.
Randy's page:

Brandon's page:
These next few pages were from making candy, this is a yearly tradition we do with most Clinton's family at his mom's house. This year, we also decorated cookies and a gingerbread house. Both were a ton of fun, the 3 younger kids really got into it, they were on the counter and the table!

Family book:

Randy's book. He wasn't so into this, but he was a good sport! Bad glare on this pic, sorry about that!
Brandon's page: Yep, it's different, can you believe it? I ran out of patterned paper I used for the others, and didn't want to cut another piece, so I made it different!
This was Randy's first year to hunt! He was so excited, but I'm not sure who had the most fun, him or Clinton!

Family page:
Randy's pages:
So, that is it! Maybe it wouldn't seem so overwhelming if I would post them as I finish them!


Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn! You have been a busy girl. Great Lo's.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynn said...

I love all your designs on these! You have great talent!