Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've got more to post

Yes, I have still been scrapping, I have several more pages to post, I just keep forgetting to take the pictures! I'm hoping to get them all up tomorrow!
So, I am sticking to my goals for 2008. I want to scrap 300 pages for the year, I am up to 27! I am right on track! I want to finish 2007, I am working backwards, and am on October, I might just accomplish this one as well! I want to use 100 sheets of patterned paper before I buy anymore, I have used 11, this one is going slower than I would like, I'm trying hard to resist new paper, but so far, so good! I'm really not sure I will accomplish this one, but I'm going to keep trying. I have wanted to cut back my spending on patterned paper and other little supplies, so far I have bought some bazzill CS, but I am trying to switch over to only bazzill from SU!, so I definitely don't count that. I also just ordered an OTT lite from J's online, it was 50% with free shipping! I really hope I like the one I ordered, it's hard online sometimes, but I am so excited to have some great light! So, all in all, I would say no frivilous spending! I do also want to put in a very large order for adhesive for the ATG, I'm so worried I will run out, and I don't think I can scrap without that adhesive ever again! What did I ever do without it?
Okay, I am really going to try to get the pics posted tomorrow before the weekend!

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