Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On The wonk!

Okay, before I really start, has anyone seen the current issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine? I'm asking because if you have, did you notice that almost all of the layouts are very linear? Clean, straight lines. Exactly my style! And here I am trying to push myself to tilt a picture, come to find out I was ahead of my time! HEE HEE.
So, just in time for that linear issue of CK, I actually tilted not one but TWO pictures on this first layout! In the summer, we really enjoy going to Clinton's Grandma's house. She has a big in ground pool in her back yard, and we spend lots of weekends hanging out at the pool! Brandon really loves to swim, as a matter of fact, every time we got to town he says we need to go visit Grandma Ash and swim in her pool! Uh, yeah, B, it's winter!!!!!
Family layout:
Randy's layout:
Haven't done Brandon's yet, so I will post it tomorrow! I used the MME paper again, can you tell I really love it?!
Randy is really envolved in 4-H, he takes a pig and many indoor projects, leatherwork, shooting sports, sport fishing, he has done cooking, arts & crafts, photography. He has always had his eye on the sport fishing trophy, some years he has really tried to get it, other years, not so much. But this past year, he finally accomplished his goal! He spent a lot of time with his Grandpa Dewey, learning how to make a fishing pole from a kit! It turned out really great, and he got the Rosette AND the trophy!
Showmanship and Sale day are highlights of 4-H fair if you have an animal, I just combined them onto one page. Both the 4-H layouts are for Randy's booK:
Okay, so that is it for today, I'm up to 57 pages for the year, 60 here I come! thanks for looking!


Lynn said...

You get entirely too much done! (Jealous) Love all your creations! I can't believe how many layouts you have done already!

Anonymous said...

Go Lynn! Go Lynn! Go..........
You are doing great meeting your goals. Love all your pages.