Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total eclipse of the Heart

Okay, I know that is cheesy, but, it is how I feel! So, last night there was a total lunar eclipse. We were very fortunate because it started at about 7pm here, so after dinner, the boys and I went out and sat in the yard, we had a perfect view of the moon from there! It was a perfectly clear night and a balmy 32 degrees! It was great to watch that with my boys. We watched just until it was fully covered, about 45 minutes. It took me until the middle of the night to actually warm back up, LOL!
So this morning, Brandon came in to my room and said "thanks for watching the moon with me last night, mom!" and gave me a very nice hug! What a sweetie!
I didn't take any pictures, I figured Clinton would think I was crazy if I drug out the tripod and sat out there taking pictures. I should have, he already thought we were all crazy for staying out that long!
It was a great memory, and even though I didn't take any pictures, I would really like to figure out a way to scrap it, so I can remember it forever.

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