Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, One day early!

So, I have accomplished 6 more pages this week! So, I have done 12 pages so far this month and it is the 13th! I am really happy to be staying on my goal! So, these are layouts of Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World, which we visited while we were in Denver this past October. We all really enjoyed it, there were all sorts of neat mounts and things to see, some great shopping and also at the back of the store was a shooting gallery, all my boys really had a good time trying their luck! We spent quite a bit of time in the store! So, this is for Randy's book:
Brandon's book:
Family Book:
I feel like I'm in a rutt a little bit, although I have done some computer generated journeling where I generally hand write my journaling, I always use quite a few pictures on my pages and the trend now really leans toward just one picture! Man it would take me forever and I would have a bazillion pages if I did that! I am also very linear in my scrapping, I rarely tilt a picture or turn it "on the wonk" as one of my cricut mb sisters would say. I really need to work on that. I also have a very simplistic style, I don't use a lot of embellishments, usually just a title. But, I really like my pictures to be the focus. Maybe I'll try for an artsy layout next week, just to prove to myself that I can! On the other hand, I never used to use patterned paper, and now I almost always use it, so I am improving!
Here is the little gift box and card that I made today for Brandon's Kindergarten teacher! I don't think I have ever sent the teacher a Valentine! Shame on me! But I do like how this turned out, I used my BIA to punch the holes, and really struggled to get it laced, but I finally got it! I really like the little card, I used the scrap patterned paper from the box and then just cut the cute little frog from my Paper Dolls cartridge! This is all I have done for Valentine's, we took the easy way out and bought Valentine's Fun Dip from Wal-Mart for Brandon's class! I feel a little guilty about that! Clinton was very proud of himself though, because he picked it out, so it's all good! They just get thrown away, anyways, right?

Okay, so that is it for today! I'm really proud of myself for keeping with my goals:

1. Starting the blog and keeping it updated!

2. Staying on track towards my 300 pages for the year, 41 complete so far!

3. Also staying on track to finish 2007 in 2008, all my pages so far have been from 2007, except fo the Packers game, I have completed Oct. - Dec!

4. My newest goal of posting as I finish projects instead of letting them pile up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Great Lo's! I love the box for the teacher. You did a super job. Way to stay on goal!

Lynn said...

Oh I love this! Very cute!