Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bit the Bullet

Okay, one of my goals for the New Year was to start a blog! I have obviously figured out how to start one, but now comes the tough part, trying to get pictures loaded, etc. ! This is my goal for today, to get the few things I have created so far this year loaded to the blog!

Scrap your Stash
I have joined the "scrap your stash" thread on the cricut message board, I have put myself on a patterned paper shopping ban because I just have so much patterned paper, I need to use it up. I have decided that after I use up all or most of (more than half) 100 sheets of patterned paper, I will let myself by a few sheets. I have taken the challenge a step further on the following cards, though, I decided to scrap my scraps! I used nothing but scraps for my boys Christmas thank you cards, even the cards are made from scraps, which means they are an unusual size, and also open differently, Randy says they are "awkward" (his favorite word these days), but I kind of like them, they are simple for sure, but I'm especially please that I only used scraps!

I'm gonna punch your lights out!
I'm not sure why the pics are so big, and stick off the edge, but, I'm going to continue on, and hopefully I will get it figured out!
So, Clinton decided it would be great to get our nephews, Levi (4) and Cash (2) boxing gloves for Christmas! Well, we couldn't find real boxing gloves, but we did find these blow up "gloves". We had no idea they would be so much fun! All 5 of the kids took turns wearing the gloves and boxing each other. Levi was a bit rough with Cash, but Cash just kept popping back up for more! All the while, Cash kept saying "I'm gonna puch your lights out" in his little 2 year old speak, so cute! Brandon got a bit rough with Levi, and Levi didn't really like that too much! Randy thought it would be fun to box Uncle Ray,even though Clinton warned him not to! Well, Uncle Ray really did punch his lights out, poor Randy, I don't think he connected even once! They played for at least an hour, probably more.

Variation 1 - family bookvariation 2 - Randy's book
Variation 3 - Brandon's book

Word Book
This is my 4th word book. I had intended to make one for each of my daycare kids as well as our nephews and neice for Christmas, but I only got 3 done in time, and one of those ended up being for a friend! I do have most of the rest cut and bound (love my bind it all!) and I hope to get them finished here in the near future! So this one is obviously for Jake, I used my cricut expression to make it and my BIA to bind! I didn't do much embellishing, boys are hard that way for me!

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