Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Weekend!

Wow! What a great weekend! First, the Pack pulled it off on Saturday, beating Seattle 42-20! I was a little worried after their first 2 possessions of the game resulted in 2 fumbles and 2 touchdowns scored by the Seahawks!
Second, Sunday was Randy's 13th birthday, he is now officially a teenager! How did I become the mother of a teenager! Time really flies! He had a good day, our family was over and we definitely enjoyed some good time together!
Third, the Giants beat the Cowboys!!! I am so happy the Packers will be playing the Giants in Green Bay instead of the Cowboys in Dallas! I know, I know, the Giants have won 9 straight road games, but the Packers have won 9 (maybe 10 now) straight home games and Eli is due for a meltdown. It will be a tough game, I do believe that, but I am thinking this is the year of the Packers!!!!!

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