Monday, May 2, 2011

P365 & Easter

I have been having the hardest time with blogger lately, either I can't type where I want to, it underlines when I don't want it to, or I can't get it to post! I've never had so many problems! Anyways, above is last weeks P365 layout (week 17) I used the big Jan. kit from as well as the capturing day by day kit by Isabelle Mendez from The same kits I've been using all along, but I love that there are so many elements it's easy to mix them all up!
And below is my first Easter layout this year, this one is for Randy's book, I think the kit is Bloom & Grow by Lindsay Jane from
Persinickety prints is having a print sale starting this Friday May 6th, to celebrate NSD! I am excited to print as now I am up to 16 (hoping to have a few more by then, too) and I have a nice credit to my account thanks to a very dear friend! (thanks again, Tammy!)
I've been doing a good job getting pages done & printed, but I still haven't mastered the skill of actually getting the pages into books! I am so so bad at that! I have literally hundreds of pages scrapped but not put away! Part of it is they may not all be in order, part of it is trying to figure out what kind of book to put them in and part of it is trying to figure out how to seperate them, by year? (2010- this is what I will do for the family book) or by grade?(Freshman/Sophomore I think this is what I will do for the boys, but then where does the summer fall? with the previous grade or the following grade?) Geesh, I guess I've got issues! LOL! Got any suggestions?

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~BridgetL~ said...

I love how this layout looks. you are going to have lots to print on NSD. I don't have any :( Maybe i will kick it into high gear this sat and get some done. just got so much going on.