Thursday, May 5, 2011

last of Easter 2011

So, I managed to finish a couple more layouts to upload for the Persnickety sale! these are the last of Easter this year, which is very exciting to me, because I haven't scrapped Easter 2009 or 2010 yet! Anyways, blogger still won't let me type where I want to for some reason so the above layout is for the family book. I used Bloom and Grow by Lindsay Jane from I used the kit for both layouts. Tell me what you think of the first one? Is it funky? I think I like it!
The layout below is for Brandon's book.
I have a feeling I'm done for the week, I just don't have any more ideas to scrap right now, so I guess I will be happy with uploading 18 layouts to Persnickety tomorrow! YAY!

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~BridgetL~ said...

ok you have got to pass on some of that mojo on to me. I am so far behind now. I hope to get some done this sat since they cancelled our big meet. YEA!!!