Thursday, April 28, 2011

P365, an award & baseball

I went on a digi scrapping spree yesterday and was able to finish 5 simple layouts! woohoo! I've been struggling for awhile and have just been lucky to keep on P365, so it feels good to have gotten something accomplished!
Here is week 16(I think? I'm losing count without looking!) I used all of the same kits I've been using all along!
Here is a layout for Randy's book. I left the right side bare because I will attatch the program there. I used Atomic Cool by Bella Gypsy from
This is for the family book. totally different for me, but I really like it! Also Atomic Cool by Bella Gypsy
For Brandon's book. I used Sports Pro by Laurie's Scraps & Designs also from I like the kit, but wish it had more baseball and why oh why is it so difficult to find green in a sports kit? They always have blue & red sometimes orange, but never, never a good green! Just venting a little!
This one is for the family book:
As always, thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments! I'm hoping to get some more done in the next few days, but if not, I will be back next week with a new P365 layout!


~BridgetL~ said...

wow Lynn, great layouts. I like that you left the side bare to add to it. Never thought of doing that. I will have to check out those kits. :)

Mandy said...

Your layouts are wonderful! I love that you scrap current. I wish I could get there. I think I'm going to make one more paper book and then go all digital for a while and even pack up all the paper stuff to find some room in the apt.

Chirpin Is Fun said...

Great job keeping up with p365! It does take a ton of work...but so worth it! Love the baseball pages....little red x's!

Debbie L said...

LOVE the baseball pages! Very fun! You are so awesome....working on current stuff! Keep it going, girl!!!