Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sports pages complete! (I think...)

I think I am about done with the sports pages from 2007, except basketball, which I forgot to print!
Obviously, this first one is of Brandon's team, and it is for his book! I also took the pictures for his team, which was fun!
This is Randy's team picture page, and for his book! I also took the pictures for his team! It will probably be the last year I take any team pictures, as they finally found a decent photographer.
And this page is also for Randy's book, it was of his end of season baseball party. I don't love this page, but, it is done! The chart on this one is of batting averages, innings pitched, etc.
Okay, that is it for today! I actually did these yesterday, and hopefully, I will get more done today.
I'm still doing great on my goals, though, I have been going a bit slower over the past week or so. I have finished 11 this month, and I think, something like 87 pages since the first of the year! I am closing in on finishing 2007, though as I said earlier, I still have a few events to print. It would be such an accomplishment if I could get 2007 done, and then work on some older stuff!
Thanks for looking!

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Miss C said...

Hello, hello! Just wanted to let you know I stopped by...going through the blogs on the Cricut MB thread :) I love your sports layouts! Good job getting them all done! If only I could just get started on ONE!

It'll be really nice for everyone to look at later on... :)