Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baseball for the family book

Okay, I was wrong, I did do the family pages! I just did them last week, and I forgot, even though I just took the pictures! Call me brain dead!
The first two are from Randy, Clinton umped a lot of games for Randy's team, and that is what the first page is about, and that is Randy as catcher.
Brandon always likes to be apart of Randy's team, and the other boys are really great with him! So, when I took all the boys individual pictures, Brandon had to have one taken, too!
This is obviously from Brandon's first T-ball season, he's such a cutie, I just love the picture on the bottom left!


Sharon Caudle said...

Love them! You've got a great blog! I'll be back! :)

Heather Bares said...

You do a great job of using lots of pictures without it looking too cluttered