Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter and more

These first 3 are from Easter time last year, we got together with family to dye eggs, it's always fun when all the kids are together!
This is the patterned paper that I broke my patterned paper shopping ban to buy! I can't resist MME. it is easily my favorite. I am back on my ban, but, I decided not to count these papers when I use them, since I cheated!
This is for the family book:
Brandon's book:
Randy's book, I messed up the scallop on this one, but it was too well stuck to change it!
This is Brandon's preschool graduation for the family book. I stamped the journaling, I haven't stamped in much since I got my cricut, which makes Randy really mad, so he was happy that I stamped on this one! It was terribly offcenter, so I had to add the flower!
This is when the firemen brought the firetruck to preschool last year. As I have said many times before, Brandon loves everything to do with firetrucks, even though he had been on this truck several times with his Dad, he was still really excited for them to come to preschool. This is for his book:


Anonymous said...

Great job Lynn! You will meet your goal long before the end of the year. I bet it feels good to have gotten so much done.

Lynn said...

I love all these! Great layouts!

Anonymous said...

You are putting together a very nice book. 99 lo's since Jan!!! I better go back to my scraptable. jejeje

Joanne said...

Lynn, I love what you did with the picture on this one!!! I'm going to have to try that!!!