Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flat me's!!

I am finally getting this picture taken, I'm only a few days late! I have been participating in a great project this year called P365 or Picture of the day or Project Life. It goes by many names. I have also been participating in a thread about this subject on the Cricut MB. We are now half way through the year, and to celebrate, we decided to exchange flat me's, it was a fun project! So Left to right, top to bottom: Carol, me, Amy (she's not chubby, she's preggers), Mandy and baby Braedan, Jennifer, Pam, Debbie, debbieb, Lorrie, Bridget, Aprile and Val! What a great group of ladies, thanks for welcoming me in! On a very sad note, a good friend of my son (Randy) passed away on Saturday. It was not unexpected, he had CP and had been steadily getting worse, he decided that he had had enough of the endless surgeries and recoveries and just "wanted to go home". Even though his disease was severe, he had a special love for horses and was happiest when he was riding. I asked Randy what Garrett's favorite color was, he said yellow. Then he said Garrett was colorblind, but he always said yellow if you asked him. That made me smile a little. So a special card for Garrett's grandparents who raised him and took care of him. There is a special place in Heaven for them.

Thanks for looking. I do have some pages to take pictures of and get posted, but maybe next week.


Debbie L said...

I like your cowboy card! You are such a great card maker.

Love your flat us picture!

Tammy said...

Ha! I love your flat me's! And what a beautiful tribute to Garrett. I know his grandparents will cherish that card. Not only is it so pretty, but it will have such special meaning to them.

~BridgetL~ said...

Im glad you joined us this yr doing the P 365/Project life. Its been fun getting to know you. What a sweet card. Im sure they will treasure it.

Mandy said...

Lynn...I'm so glad that you joined our thread! You are a great addition. I love your card also. I teared up as soon as I saw the cowboy, didn't even have to read the inside. What a great friend!