Friday, June 25, 2010

finally posting pics of me!

Alright, I am finally going to post some pics of me, since I have been maintaining my weight now for 3 months.
So here is my current pic, taken a couple of weeks ago, when I first look at it, I still see my thunder thighs especially, but in reality, I just don't have a perfect body, and I think it's as good as it's going to get. Just to remind, I went from 223 lbs to about 153 ( I go up and down from from 151 to 155), I wore a size 18 jean and now, size 8! This was me in November, I had lost 47 lbs at that point.
And this was me (and Randy) about 1 week before I started WW, which was 13 months ago now. I have to admit, it's quite a change! Just look at those arms! And my arms still look flabby, but so much better!

Well, thanks for looking and following along on my weight loss journey!
I will be back next week hopefully with a post of some pages and cards I've gotten done lately!


Tammy said...

I feel like a big sis! I'm so proud of you when I see these pictures. You are one beautiful lady. You were 13 months ago, and you are even more so now.

~BridgetL~ said...

Lynn congratulations on the weight loss. You really look good. :)

Chirpin Is Fun said...

Great job, Lynn! You look wonderful and I hope you feel the same way! Congratulations and keep up the good can do it!

Debbie L said...

You look awesome! Thanks for sharing pictures of your journey! Good for you!