Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some more layouts (and a card)

I have kind of been on a roll lately with scrapping. Nothing very fancy for sure, in fact they are all pretty basic and boring, but I am still widdling down my pictures and getting pages finished, so I will take it!
This first one is blurry, sorry about that, but didn't feel like retaking it. This is our dog Willie, he just loves the snow, he runs and rolls and plays in it like crazy, especially if it isn't too cold. When his hair is too long, the snow gets all balled up and we have to spray him off in the shower to melt it or he picks at it until it's gone, and of course, that just makes a huge mess in the house. This is for our family book. I used the Gypsy and Speaking of Winter. This is also for the family book. We live fairly close to Yellowstone and last year after one of Randy's football games (it was literally just outside of Yellowstone), we decided to drive home through the park. We didn't really see too much, except these elk, just inside the entrance and the chipmunks which were at a rest area that wasn't really in the park. The elk were pretty cool, we new something was going on when we pulled into Mammoth because people were running everywhere, Clinton pulled into a parking spot just in time to see these huge antlers coming over the hill, (the elk in the first couple of pictures), he was on a mission, he ran right by our car, Randy's window was down and he probably could have reached out and touched him. Before it was over he nearly charged a van that wasn't paying attention! I used gypsy, Lyrical letters and Stretch your imagination.
This is for Randy's book, self explanitory. I used gypsy, Don Juan and Designer's Calendar

And finally the card. I actually used to be a major card maker. you cannot tell by this card! I was a stamper though, and that was very different. I recently purchased Sentimentals, and after I received it and really looked at the hand book, I was wondering what possessed me? It's not really my style at all! But, I linked it to the gypsy right away and so now, it is mine forever I guess. I decided to make a card to justify the purchase a little. I do not care for the card, but I mailed it out toClinton's grandma anyways, she has fallen twice in the past month. I used Sentimentals, gypsy and my cuttlebug.
And just because it isn't right to report only the losses, I guess I will tell you all that I maintained at my WI yesterday. I'm not 100% sure what happened, but I have a few ideas, besides I'm getting closer and it gets harder. I will hope I can fix it and have another loss next week.
Thanks for looking, hopefully I will have more layouts to post this week.


~BridgetL~ said...

oh your dog is so cute in the snow. I never thought i needed speaking of winter, but I think I like it now that I've seen it used. Im beginning to think Vegas is pretty boring compared to all of you guys who get to see snow, wild animals and such. We only get to see wild people. LOL

debbieb said...

I like my Speaking of winter, very cute Lynn