Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stamps for sale

NS- No Staining
SS - Slight Staining
HS- Heavy Staining
NUM - New UnMounted
NM- New Mounted
First picture, all stamps $12 EACH set plus shipping (see end of post for particulars). Left to right, top to bottom:
Santa's Helpers NS
Winter Play NS
Glad Heart SS
Painted Garden SS
Hearts & Posies NM
Heart & Soul SS
Heavenly DAys NM Second Picture: All stamp sets $10 EACH plus shipping
B Monogram with the negetive pieces (you could have 2 stamps here!) SS
R Monogram with the negetive pieces NS
Fun Filled NS
Framed Fun SS
Kindness Shared SS
Reindeer Greetings SS
Quick & Cute NM

Third Picture: All stamp sets $10 EACH plus shipping
Funny Faces SS
Perfect Plaids HS
Basket of Blossoms NS
The Fine Print NS
Nature's Wonders SS
Country Greetings SS
Brides & Babies SS

Fourth Picture: All stamp sets $8 Each plus shipping.
Bold Check Frame NS
Bold Hearts & Flowers NS, there is a name and phone number writeen on the blocks, could easily be sanded off.
Designer Greetings SS
Notable Notes NS
Fabulous Flourishes HS
Dear to my Heart SS

Last Picture: All Stamp sets $3 Plus shipping
Special Hug NS
Hand Stamped by HS missing one stamp
Unicorn Portrait W/ Roses NS

I accept paypal only (unless local) shipping is as follows:
I will fit as many sets as will fit in the flat rate envelope for $5, should be several small sets or a couple larger. If it's more than will fit in the envelope, I will ship all that will fit in the flat rate priority mail box for $10. Please leave me a comment here or if you are local give me a call.
Thanks for looking and helping my car fund...

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