Friday, October 3, 2008

A little project

So, it's my neice, Kadences' birthday this weekend. She's really into stickers. One of my SIL's bought her a bunch of stickers, but, her mom says she sticks them everywhere! So, I decided to make her a sticker book. My original thought was to break out all of the old construction paper and staple it together to make a book. Then, I thought maybe I would cut the construction paper in half and bind it with my BIA. And then, all of a sudden it hit me that I just needed to cut her a crown book and bind it with the BIA! She is a little princess after all! I just love that you can cut all these great shapes and bind them together to make little books! I didn't do too much decorating because it's a sticker book, I just put her name on the front, used a bit of stickles, which aren't showing, and some ribbon on the wires, because it's so fun to do something girly!
Inside front, just to be sure everyone knows what it's for!:
You can't really see it, but I stamped around all the edges of the inside pages with the same color ink pad, just to add some whimsy. Wish it would show up in the pics!
So, I started a project, finished it, took pictures and got them onto my blog! It's been a long time since I've accomplished that much!

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