Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Do you ever just feel overwhelmed with life? That's how I am feeling lately. One strange or sad or infuriorating thing after another.

I live in a tiny town, we have been hit lately with a wrongly accused sexual preditor that is being slandered unbelievably on a daily basis. I wonder how people can call themselves Christians' and still knowingly treat someone so badly... On the other hand, he is an identical triplet and his brothers ARE preditors. They are, evidently, very identical.
We also have a stalker in our tiny town, a man following teenage girls and young women. Of course the guy mentioned above is getting the blame for this, but it is in fact, a different man.
My neighbors were robbed a couple of weeks ago. By someone who, apparantly, had been watching them, and had their schedule down. Scary. My life is totally scheduled.
There have been 2 children shot in our state, one accidentally by another child (his brother) and the other an 11 year old girl shot, allegedly, by her 24 year old step-father, while her 25 year old mother watched. You do the math.
There was an apartment fire that killed one man and displaced several families in a nearby town. While staying in a hotel, one of the families decided to have a pool party for all of the displaced families. A five year old boy drowned. That family lost their home, and then their son.
Yesterday, a father and husband was taken from his family in a work related "incident", they are long time members of our community. What a shame 2 boys are without their dad.
A bus and a pick-up collided, a 7 year old girl was thrown out of one of the bus windows and killed.

Not to mention all of the car wrecks, people taken due to illnesses while they are too young. People loosing jobs due to a shaky economy and ever rising gas prices really putting the pinch on todays families.
Today, I feel overwhelmed.

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Lynn said...

It can be overwhelming! I catch myself turning the news channel because it's so depressing sometimes!