Friday, April 4, 2008

Last weeks seven

I guess I lost one somewhere... I'm sure I will find it!
So, I'm way far behind, these are the ones I finished last week! Well, not too far, I guess, I've only done 2 this week! Yikes! I hope I'm not loosing my momentum!
I do have a big project that I am working on, I think I will post it all at once when I am finished, hopefully next week!
So, none of these pages are anything spectacular, they are pretty plain, actually. But, I need to get them finished, and just don't have the time to make them all great, so, plain is okay, I guess!
This is for Brandon's book, when he went to the zoo with the preschool!
Camping for the family book
Randy's book:
Brandon's book:
and hopefully the last pic for Easter eggs! The sad thing is, I wasn't even home when they did eggs this year, so I didn't take any pics!
This is for the family book
Thanks for looking, see ya next week!

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Lynn said...

Girl, these are so fabulous! Stop in at my blog and pick a special award for you!!!