Friday, May 18, 2012

Last of P365 2011

I really thought that I posted these last week, but I guess I did not!  I finally finished P365 for 2011!  I will send the last of them to print next week, and I will be very happy to have the whole year done and in an album!  What an accomplishment!
2012, on the other hand has not been as succsesful, unfortunately.  I have not created a single page, my picture taking has been hit or miss.  I have, however, organized the pictures I have taken by week and have also kept a journal of daily activities- which is only missing a few entries, so, that's something positive to work with, I guess.  I'm not sure I will actually get any pages done, which is a shame, really, I love the feeling of accomplishment, and I also love knowing that I have a record of a year in my life, even if I didn't get anything else done for the whole year.  for some reason, my mojo has almost completely disappeared, it's gone missing before, but not usually for this long of a stretch of time.  Hope it find's it's way home soon, I sure miss it!

Thanks for looking, I know I don't post nearly enough, but hopefully, someday soon, I will get back to creating on a regular basis!

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