Tuesday, March 22, 2011

P365 week 11, basketball & prom

Here is my week 11 layout for P365. Like the others, I used Capturing Day by Day by Isabel Mendez and Everyday Moments by Lindsay Jane, both from gottapixel.net For both of the basketball layouts, I used Slam Dunk by Lindsay Jane from gottapixel.net the fonts are peasqueaker from KevinandAmanda.com and Freshman whcih I downloaded for free from dafont.com

And finally, last Saturday was our prom, Randy went for the first time.

His date was a sweetie named Katie, isn't she adorable?

This is a picture of most of his classmates who were there, I think there are 6 missing who were actually at prom, so about half the class went. I just love this picture

Wish my pictures would have turned out better, not exactly sure what happened.

Thanks for looking and I love your comments!


~BridgetL~ said...

Aww I love the prom pictures and Randy sure does look handsome. His date is a cutie.
congrats again to the team. :)

Tammy E. said...

You know I love your layouts, so I won't talk about them much this time. Ha. I want to talk about those prom pictures and that handsome son of yours! I love the prom pictures. He and Katie look adorable!

Mandy said...

Lynn...I love your pictures of Prom! They all looks so great. I appreciate all the long dresses...seems like sometimes Prom dresses can sure get short. I love catching up on your life :)

Debbie L said...

Randy & his date are adorable! Love your basketball layouts.

ltlredbird27 said...

Are you kidding me? Your pictures are awesome!!!!

Jenn said...

I love love love your 365 layouts. They look great!

Randy and his date are adorable. The pictures look great!